Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Travel Photography Tip: Don't Forget Your Hotel Room

The hotel room shot is usually one of the first photos I make sure to get right away -- and I usually never actually show it to anyone. Why? Because a hotel room is usually impersonal and generic; in other words, no one really wants to see it. However, I take it anyway just to remind myself of where I've stayed. I usually prefer staying in 5-star accommodations (refer to any of my Las Vegas Hotel reviews), but I chose this rather modest one above because it happened to be directly across the street from Quebec City's Parliament building (as seen through the window). Other than that, it was your typical four-star hotel room.

If you're not staying at a cookie cutter chain hotel, then, by all means, snap away at the charming features of your quaint accommodations. Focus in on decorative knobs and bidets and whatever you fancy. Don't forget balcony/window shots. It'll all be sure to conjure up good memories down the road.

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