Friday, December 23, 2011

Travel: Las Vegas - Aria Resort & Casino

Aria Resort and Casino is probably my next favorite hotel. I only say "next" because I haven't yet stayed in it  (I'm slowly working my way south on the Strip). But I'm so in love with its look (the art! the architecture!). Between the sweeping waterfall at the front, the futuristic sculptures near the parking structure, and the dancing fountain in the roundabout, I'm dying to see what the rooms are like. It also doesn't have that smokey cigarette-cloud smell (probably because there are so few people there or their superior ventilation system?). 
Aria doesn't appear to get into the holiday spirit as much as other casinos (see yesterday's post). But the effect would have been quite cheesy compared to its overall modern, clean look (as seen in the pallete used for their hanging Christmas balls in the lobby). Talk about classy.

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  1. I have to agree that the Aria does have a unique look. I can imagine myself feeling both awkward and relaxed at the same time hitting the poker tables there.