Monday, December 12, 2011

Wireless Shutter Release (and Thank You!)

So, I bought my Canon wireless shutter release from Amazon last week for like $20. It even comes with a cute little black pouch. I should warn you though: this thing is tiny! I suppose it has to be (in order to hide it in one's hand) because it uses infrared technology and requires line of sight. I tried it out a few times and the range appears to be decent. Now, I get to be in group pictures (if I bring along a tripod as well)!

Also, as a side note, I just wanted to thank everyone that gave feedback over the weekend regarding how to improve this site. I think we've shifted it's look from the early 90s to modern times. :)

Now back to shooting...


  1. wow so small! the best thing you can do to avoid losing it is to attach your wireless shutter release to a carabiner. there's a tiny hole that you can put a tiny key ring.

  2. Good idea, King! The pouch that it came with also allows you to attach it onto your camera strap as well. So many options!