Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Review: "Douglas Kirkland on Photography: A Photographer's Eye"

I was prepping for a trip to Palm Springs, when I coincidintally watched "Douglas Kirkland on Photography: A Photographer's Eye" on lynda.com. I couldn't believe my luck!

This short, 45-minute video follows Kirkland as he uses both a SLR and compact digital camera around town and on a hike. He begins by commenting on various photos he's taken in the past around the world. Afterwards, he starts photographing Palm Springs all the while explaining his mindset, his equipment choice, and technique.

I know he's a famous photographer, but I still couldn't believe how good his images turned out (especially with the point-and-shoot camera!), considering how few shots he was taking (maybe there's a little magic courtesy of video editing). But it seemed like he would just look around and know (instantaneously) what makes a good image. I hope I can do that someday (instead of being a trigger-happy shutterbug). It definitely gives me something to aspire to.

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