Monday, March 12, 2012

Travel: Philippines - Thunderbird Poro Point

So, on our way to San Juan, La Union (Philippines), we stopped by the only five-star hotel in the San Fernando area: Thunderbird Poro Point (that, coincidentally, also has a casino with a very strict dress code).  When we first got dropped off at the front of the hotel lobby, my brother and I immediately felt as though we knew the place. After asking the valet why the place seemed strangely familiar, he answered that it was because it was featured in a movie that we had seen on the plane ride over (No Other Woman). The hotel's style is reminiscent of Mediterranean/Greek resort architecture (bleached white walls, blue domes). I snapped this picture above while waiting for my car in the open-air main lobby. This hotel is out in the middle of nowhere, essentially. Yes, technically, it's by the beach, but if you want surfing, go to San Juan. The beach here is just rocky (at least from what we could see). The rooms, naturally, are expensive as well, so we left in search of accommodations actually on the beach and at about 1/10 the cost. ;)

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