Thursday, May 17, 2012

LA (Venice): The Boardwalk

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I originally wasn't going to post this (in fact I've been sitting on it for a couple weeks), but I'm absolutely wiped out after having worked on another project for the past 3-4 days straight that I can't tell if this should go in the "post it" or "reject" pile. Rain or shine, I'm hoping to get out and shoot something this weekend. I need to get outside for sure.

Anyway, I shot this (above) when I did the Venice Artwalk Photowalk. I'm not sure why the photograph turned out drawing-like after I processed it, but I like the cartoon-y feel, considering that the boardwalk does seem to have a delightful cast of characters. I have had the flyer that they handed out sitting on my desk to remind me to go, and I figured other locals could use a reminder for this weekend. Maybe I'll see you there!

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