Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LA (Venice): Long Walks on the Beach

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I shot this from very far away; we never actually reached the water while at the beach. That's the story of my life: live relatively close to the beach, but rarely go.

Anyway, I think this'll be the last of my Venice photowalk photos because the others are testing poorly. Well, they're not horribly bad, just mediocre bad. One thing I've learned from having an audience that gives immediate feedback (especially on G+) is that I don't want to post too much work that is just blah.

One last thing: it was especially nice today when one follower made me realize the impact my photos (could) have on people who view my work. His eloquent interpretations of what my photos meant actually made me question the purpose of everything I was doing with this blog and my G+ page. When I started all this, I just wanted to make photos that somewhat adhered to what I've learned in my photography classes about composition, lighting, storytelling, etc. I never really thought about the effect they could have on others (e.g., make someone smile, show someone something they've never seen before, change their life). I now feel like I have an obligation to produce work that actually means something (whether it be for me or for others). I want to make photos that matter.

I have a feeling things are going to change around here. :)

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