Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Travel: La Jolla - H's Wedding

First off, yes, I'm playing around with my processing technique again.

So, over the weekend, I attended a wedding in La Jolla at a private residence. It was an interesting concept: rent a gorgeous vacation house for a week to use for both for out-of-town guests, and for a wedding. I wish I had taken more pictures (again).

Anyway, this wedding was by far the most unusual wedding I've been to. I guess I had gotten so used to over-the-top, completely manufactured weddings that I had ridiculously high expectations when I arrived at the uppity location. For this particular wedding, they had us hum the march song during the bridal party's entrance (because the band arrived 4 hours later), and the ceremony was more ceremonial than official (the couple was already married a few months earlier). The food was to die for though (Korean and American cuisine!) and the location provided an absolutely stunning sunset (what a view being on a high up hill!). Unfortunately, standing in 4-inch heels for 5 hours(!) killed my feet and I had to leave right after the cake-cutting and "first" dance. :(

In reality, it was a casual wedding (no rehearsal!!!, no coordinator, buffet dinner) with formal touches (a rented mansion, matching bridesmaids dresses) that made it clearly the couple's own and a night neither they nor their guests will ever forget. :)

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