Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Travel: NYC (Brooklyn) - Day 2

  • B and I woke up at 9am (local time) and met up with E and B2 at hipster-haven Harefield Road for brunch. Despite being sunny, it was incredibly windy that day. I had to borrow E's sweater which amazingly fit, considering she's so much tinier than I am.
  • Before making our way to Bedford Road and eventually to the East River, we made a pit stop at the 9th Annual Bicycle Fetish Day celebration. B2 apparently recognized one of he booth owners (surprise, surprise) and we stayed for a bit as B asked about a giant two-seater bicycle that someone was assembling on-site. He later rode on it and had a blast. 
  • At the East River, the police re-routed us, seeing as how strong winds had blown the roof off of one of the newer condominiums and threatened to hurt pedestrians below. So we wandered to the East River Ferry Dock to snap pictures of Manhattan and the Williamsburg Bridge.
  • On the way back to E's place, we stopped by Mast Brothers Chocolate to get free dark chocolate samples and then Saltie for gourmet sandwiches, drinks, and cookies. B2 returned to the bicycle competition.
  • After E left, B and I walked to Alligator Lounge to score free, small pizzas with our single orders of beer. We regrettably grabbed nasty Thai take-out from a place that shall not be named. We spent the remainder of the evening resting from the day's long walk by watching Netflix on E's enormous flat screen TV and having our ears blown out by her quirky sound set up. By the way, "The Other Woman" (with Natalie Portman) is horrid, to put it nicely.

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