Thursday, June 6, 2013

Travel: NYC (Brooklyn) - Day 6

  • E was busy in the city in the morning, so B and I cleaned her place (took out the trash, did dishes, went grocery shopping for her). We even walked M at the local dog park! 
  • We met up for lunch in the city and, after going in circles searching for a place that wasn't jammed- packed, we finally agreed upon Wild Ginger Vegetarian Kitchen. I'm still not a fan of brown rice. :(
  • Since we were so close to Chinatown and Little Italy, we decided to walk (as opposed to taking the subway) to our hotel (to check in). We passed the courthouses, City Hall (both, actually), WTC, Occupy Wall Street, St. Paul's Chapel, and a zillion other places in the 90F+ degree heat.
  • Before we made it to our hotel (that 5-star hotel will have its own review in the next coming posts), we hit up a grocery store to buy water and snacks, as we had been melting during the fastest photowalk I've ever done in my life. After checking in, we cranked up the A/C before re-gaining our strength to return to E's apartment.
  • That evening, we met up with B's cousin and her friend at Boat Basin Cafe along the Hudson River nestled within Riverside park. It was not a very good restaurant and had amazingly poor service, but was in the most unique location (within a traffic turnaround). We even got to sit dead-center and watch the buses circle us from above.
  • That evening, R flew in at 11PM and she, E, and B2, joined B and I on the rooftop of JP's friend's (A's) place where we had an amazing view of the city. E drove us back to our hotel at 2am (TY again E!).  

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