Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Travel: Philippines - Flight Notes

I went on a 16-day trip to the Philippines to attend my cousin's wedding. I'll post a shot every day over the next few days of what I saw on my trip. In light of my last Philippine trip, I decided to stay local and spent most of my time with family.

My flights to and from the Philippines were each a story in their own right. Here are summaries of each leg:
  • Flight to the Philippines: I flew out to PI alone but was seated next to some guy that had first class privileges extended to him (he knew like half the female flight attendants that passed by). Apparently, he was supposed to be sitting in first class. Anyway, he and I got to chatting and so they offered me everything he was getting: cheese platters; fruit platters; and unlimited peanuts, drinks (including alcohol), siopao, cookies, chips, and anything else they could offer. It was insane.
  • Return flight: My mother, brother, and I were all upgraded to business class FREE of charge!!! 
I seriously love Philippine Airlines.

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