Friday, September 6, 2013

Catalina: Casino

Trip Summary:

  • B, C and I drove down to San Pedro this time (as opposed to using the Queen Mary port again), arriving 5 minutes before our expected departure time. We were able to call in the tickets the morning of, but didn't get our preferred arrival and departure times. It didn't matter though; our timing ended up being perfect.
  • On the boat ride over to Catalina, we met X who was traveling by herself and who decided to join us for the next 9 hours.
  • After getting lost in the hills, we had a long, hot lunch at an okay Italian place right on the beach.
  • We didn't realize how time-sensitive everything on the island was, and found out that we had missed nearly all available tour times. After speaking with a Chambers of Commerce rep, we managed to find a cheaper tour of the interior of the island that included "free" champagne. Our 2.5-hour itinerary included passing by Escondido, the airport, an aviary, a stable, and scenic views.
  • When we got back to Avalon, we each had ice cream and headed toward one of the beaches pointed out by our tour guide. 
  • Since there were no more available tours of the Casino, we instead asked permission to enter and take pictures and rest.
  • Afterward, we resumed our trek to the beach and somehow stumbled upon a family of deer that were very friendly to humans and who (I think) expected us to feed them. 
  • Before heading to dinner, we explored the little shops/streets of Avalon.
  • B, C, X, and I took the last boat ride back to San Pedro thus ending our adventure.

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