Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travel: San Diego - Border Patrol Airplane Silhouette

I had originally wanted to use this airplane shot for the hunt, but I didn't get a chance to submit any photos this round. :( I originally snapped this while mindlessly strolling on the beach in San Diego when all of a sudden a plane, ATVs and an SUV come roaring onto the sand in pursuit of illegal immigrants. Never a dull day in Imperial Beach.

Anyway, talk about a whirlwind month! Between a wedding, a birth, a home purchase, and travel, I was slammed this month with varied photo opportunities. I want to get back into the flow of things (aka posting on G+), because, boy, do I have a backlog. It was sad to see that I didn't miss much while I was gone, other than some minor drama. I'm constantly amazed why some people keep going and others choose to quit (other than for time issues). If only darned life didn't get in the way of Internet addiction. ;)

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