Sunday, March 3, 2013

Travel: Philippines - Trash

As stunning as the Philippines may be (especially when going 80 km/h as seen here through a tinted window again ... hehe) it frustrates me how little pride the people there have with regard to preserving the beauty of their country. This is not to say that they are not proud to be Filipino (just ask any Filipino if they love their homeland and their overwhelming enthusiasm will surely dispel any doubts of national pride), but their actions (particularly to littering) frustrate me beyond belief.

Case and Point

As I was returning from the airport to my parents' province, I started gathering all the trash that had accumulated in the car after a pit stop to a local fast food joint. I notified everyone that "I have a garbage/basura bag" to which everyone responded with laughter. Someone finally explained "Remember: you're not in America anymore. You don't need a trash bag; just throw it all out the window."

And that's how we end up with photos like the one above. Nice river, trees, vegetation, etc. but littered with trash. :(

Note: I did not end up throwing our trash out the window. I waited until we got home and disposed of it there. Disposing of trash there meant of course putting it into a pile where it is later burned.

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