Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fountain, Google+, Taxes

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Man, there are so many of these San Juan Capistrano Mission photos that I can't remember if I've actually uploaded this already. I think it's probably just because I'm tired at the moment.

Anyway, since I can't really say much about this shot (other than I had wished the fountain was on), I'd just like to take the opportunity to formally announce that I'm on Google+ (aka G+). Just search for my blog's name "Wandering Shutterbug" (or click here)and follow/circle my G+ page there. I had put up the Google+ widget here on this blog a while back, but never actually mentioned it. I can't tell how many have found me via that link. But, either way, I hope you follow me on G+.

I will start posting new things both here and there probably when these San Juan Capistrano Mission photos are complete. My travel plans are so up in the air right now, but I should have new stuff starting next week after I wrap up my taxes. Yeah, I know, I know, such the procrastinator, I know.

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