Wednesday, July 11, 2012

On the Fence in Maui

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Here's a shot from when B and I were randomly and precariously driving around Maui. Never again!

Anyway, on this front, you guessed it! I've been busy. I'm beginning to think that the middle of the week is when things slow down for me and I have a chance to catch up on things. Especially, since I curate on the weekends and stuff.

So, today's news is that I've resumed learning basic-level French. I had to pause earlier this year because I went to the Philippines for like 3 weeks and left my French software and audio CDs behind. Terrific for when you have a 15-hour flight, I know. Yesterday, a French friend (currently not residing in France), sent me an email and inadvertently reminded me of my new year's resolution. So, au revoir for now. I'm off to re-remember what I've already learned and should be back to learning more material by Thursday! Oh wait -- that's tomorrow!

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