Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Drive from LA to Vegas

No, I'm not going to Vegas again. I was just going through my archives when I spotted these images.

I remember the first dozen times we drove out to Las Vegas from Los Angeles on the I-15, I thought I would die of utter boredom. Joshua trees, barren mountains, and desert just didn't do it for me back then. I, of course, hadn't yet taken up photography, and did not yet see the world with the appreciation that I have now. I used to even prefer driving out at night (gasp!) because I could at least see the stars above the desert. Now, the drive to and from Vegas is one of my favorite parts of the trips and provides plenty of opportunity to photograph landscapes. I think that next year (after I finish my attempt at portraits this year) my resolution will be to actually pull over the side of the road and just shoot until my heart's content during one of my pilgrimages out to Vegas. Maybe I shouldn't have gotten rid of my polarizing filter...

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