Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Learning French with Rosetta Stone

So, I decided to take care of my perpetual New Year's resolution to learn French by getting Rosetta Stone. This is exciting for me because I've learned every language I've ever studied in a school setting. This is the first time I'm using something that uses no textbook, no flash cards, and no other tool I'm so used to having. It's been interesting so far because I feel like I really am learning the language. Anything I have a question about, I'm able to look up for free on the Internet, since French is so widely taught. I do admit that had I not studied Spanish and Italian in college, I would be somewhat confused. I'm sure my pronunciation is crap still, but it's nice to know I can get a 50-minute session (along with up to 3 other students) with a live native speaker for as many times as I want through their online component (that's so cool!). I can't wait until I start learning the words for food!

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