Thursday, June 6, 2013

Travel: NYC (Downtown) - Day 7

  • B and I figured that since we were in lower Manhattan, we'd just stay in the area. As we tried to get our bearings, we ran into our Improv teather! B and I then had breakfast at the Cosmopolitan Cafe in Tribeca where we each enjoyed rather generous portions of crepes. To walk it off, we wandered down to Wall Street, the Charging Bull sculpture, Bowling Green park, and Battery Park.
  • B was rather intrigued by the Alexander Hamilton US Custom House. It had gorgeous exhibits and architecture and, more importantly, water dispensers.
  • After buying more water and returning to our hotel, we decided to order from the uber popular Shake Shack (attached to the hotel). I actually ended up with a spicy, bacon cheeseburger of sorts (I hate spicy).
  • We then changed clothes to meet up with E and R at Danji for some (spicy) Korean. :( We grabbed desserts nearby afterward. 
  • R, B, and I then went to the Gershwin Theatre to watch Wicked. It's the best musical I've seen so far.
  • E met up with us at a bar after the show where we discussed combinatorics and trigonometry. Not wanting to lose E's fabulous parking spot (in the middle of the road?), we then ate at Kashkaval until closing. B saved the restaurant from burning down. 
  • To close the night, E dropped us off at our hotel.

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