Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Travel: NYC (Brooklyn) - Day 3

  • B and I got an early start since E was busy with other things. We each got unlimited passes to ride the subway and proceeded to Central Park. The "L" train was under construction that day and we had a little adventure riding around the bus system before eventually taking the subway. 
  • On the way, we grabbed coffee and pastries. B really wanted to hit up a halal food truck that had a line that wrapped around the corner. We also passed the "L O V E" sculpture in Midtown, which had tourists posing in front of it, as a homeless gentleman slept under the "V."
  • While B and I wandered around Central Park, we passed the ice skating rink, Belvedere Castle, the reservoir, and other iconic locales. To escape the heat, we ventured onto the Upper West Side and ate at Tukuaz
  • E then called us and we met up in Bushwick. Despite B2's insistence that the subway ride to Coney Island is part of the experience, E drove us there, seeing how the sun was setting in 1 hour. We stood in the long lines at Nathan's. B and E rode the famous wooden roller coaster ride, Cyclone, while I took pictures of the amusement park. B and E tried the funnel cake at Paul's Daughter.
  • After we got back, and after a quick side trip to DUMBO, B, E, and B2 went to see a comedy show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater.

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