Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Travel: NYC (Brooklyn) - Day 4

  • It rained all day. E, B, B2, and I drove around trying to find a place to eat and finally settled on Brooklyn Label. I had a mimosa with "Green Eggs & Ham" (read: basil omelette and bacon!). Yum. It was such a large breakfast though that we each had food coma afterward and, since it was raining anyway, we decided to just skip a day of sight-seeing.
  • On the way back to E's place, we stopped by Beer Street where we picked up a delicious watermelon-flavored (wheat ale) brew. We enjoyed it the rest of the afternoon. Literally.
  • That evening, we returned to the city and had a lightning-fast dinner at Mooncake Foods Restaurant (we were running late!) before attending our Improv class. That was easily the most stressful thing I had done in a couple years. I guess I just wasn't meant to be an actress or comedian.
  • We then headed over toward Times Square where we also did a pit stop at the Hershey's store before heading back for some chicken soup and ginger ale at E's apartment.

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