Monday, October 4, 2010

Travel: Euro Trip Part 4 - Prague to Vienna

Day 4: After gorging on our hotel's courtesy breakfast buffet, we ventured out to Prague in the daytime. Our first task was converting euros and dollars into something usable. We took care of that by going to an ATM and then breaking our large bills at a grocery store where we purchased a water and the infamous iced tea -- the latter of which got K sick. Once in central Prague, we made stops at places like New Town (Wenceslas Square), Mala Strana, Old Town Square, the astronomical clock, Charles Bridge, and, of course, Prague Castle. We did an awful lot of walking and stair climbing that day in addition to noticing an obscene number of Thai massage parlors everywhere. B was mistaken for a drug dealer several times because of how he was dressed. Having left his pair of sunglasses at my place in LA, we, thus, began the search for the perfect pair of sunglasses for H.
We had dinner at the hotel before heading out for Vienna.

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