Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travel: Euro Trip Part 5 - Vienna

Day 5: In Vienna, we predictably stopped by places such as Hofburg Palace and the surrounding area. B and K visited the Mozarthaus, while H and I went sunglasses shopping!
After we regrouped, we then visited the Osterreichische Galerie Belvedere to see The Kiss (by Klimt). I actually saw an elderly couple kiss in the manner depicted in the painting while standing in front of the painting! Cutest thing ever!
The picture taken below is B standing near a statue on the museum's grounds (they wouldn't let me use my camera indoors!).
That evening, we stopped at a Greek restaurant near the museum and ordered off the menu, requesting that they only serve us traditional Austrian food (schnitzel, sausages, etc). We were their only customers and they must have been thrilled with the feast they prepared for us because they not only gave us free house wine, but free desserts as well! Consequently, we were late to our ballet at the Opera House/Weiner staatsoper. We ended up ditching it midway anyway, and opted for getting lost in the city on our way to and from the Danube Tower/Donauturm Wien (where we had coffee). I'll never forget that night. Vienna is absolutely gorgeous.

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