Friday, June 10, 2011

Cherries & the End of Reviews (For Now)!

That's it. No more daily reviews. Maybe, I'll do them once a month. What happened? Well, I was watching "Douglas Kirkland on Photography: Editorial Assignment," yesterday, when I realized that I was about to write a review nearly identical to one that I've already posted. I'd only watched about a dozen photography videos this week, before realizing that I'd begun to become delirious from over-studying a topic. So, for those of you that complained, let's breathe a sigh of relief, and hope that I can apply what I've learned during this incredibly educational past week. Specifically, it's time to start shooting again.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the cherries my mom gave me the other day. It took me all of 10 seconds to set up this shot (translation: transferring the cherries into a glass bowl from an opaque one). I know there are hot spots, but I like that look. So, :P.

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