Saturday, June 4, 2011

Review: "Getting Pro Results from a Compact Camera" by Derrick Story

I finished watching Derrick Story's 1-hour series called "Getting Pro Results from a Compact Camera" on The videos demonstrate how to properly use a compact (point-and-shoot) camera. He explains the basics of macro mode, camera presets/scene modes (landscape, night, sports, indoor, and beach and snow), and exposure lock. Using photo editing software, he details how to stitch together panoramas and to crop a telephoto shot (with sharpening). There is a lengthy discussion on how to eliminate camera shake (e.g, use a tripod & self timer) and what is ISO. Lastly, he delves into when to use flash (e.g., sunset shots, for fill), and when not to (indoor shots).

When I first started going through his videos, he recommended the use of one's sunglasses to act like a polarizer in front of the camera lens. Other than that unconventional suggestion, the rest was of the information was straightforward (and a bit dry). He assumes more than a basic level understanding of photography as he refers to aperture and stops (which a typical point-and-shoot camera owner does not understand). Overall, it was a simple review of the basics sprinkled in with professional tips (e.g., shoot with the sun behind you, use "free transform" on panoramas in Photoshop).

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