Saturday, March 3, 2012

Travel: Philippines - My First Goat

So, this was my first live goat. I say "was" because within a few hours of purchasing/photographing her, she was killed, cleaned, and made into several dishes, while I was photographing my mother's garden a few blocks away. The story of how we purchased her was interesting, seeing as how there were quite a few people that accompanied me (to help with the bartering), we actually could not all fit in the tricycle (a motorcycle with a covered passenger side-car) that we started the morning with. Therefore, we used a truck meant to transport sacks of rice. It was enormous! I recall it rained a bit that day, so the passengers riding on the flatbed portion (without seat belts and umbrellas) got a bit wet. What made the transaction heartbreaking, however, was that this goat was a nursing mother and her kids were crying as she was dragged away. Sad, indeed. :(

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